Book Review: Colson Whitehead // The Underground Railroad

My rating: Reading this book felt like a bunch of disconnected train tracks. I had no idea what was going on and who the characters were. The writing was promising and the content so important but Colson Whitehead failed to make a coherent narrative in The Underground Railroad. The main protagonist is Cora, a young slaveContinue reading “Book Review: Colson Whitehead // The Underground Railroad”

Book Review: Margaret Atwood // Two Scorched Men

My rating: Sometimes it’s difficult to give a short story more than three stars. The ideas are not expounded upon as much and it takes days for the full effect of the words to hit you. So for now Two Scorched Men, Margaret Atwood’s latest novella available on Scribd, is a three-star read. When Atwood released thisContinue reading “Book Review: Margaret Atwood // Two Scorched Men”

Book Review: Seamus Heaney // The Burial of Thebes

My rating: I have read a plethora of Sophocles Antigone retellings now and I welcome more! Seamus Heaney’s Burial of Thebes, a retelling of the original in verse almost seemed like it could have been the original — and perhaps better! Antigone is an Ancient Tragedy that focuses on young Antigone who wishes to bury her brother despite KingContinue reading “Book Review: Seamus Heaney // The Burial of Thebes”

Book Review: Kazuo Ishiguro // When We Were Orphans

My rating: Kazuo Ishiguro never fails in making you scared out of your mind about the reliability of your memory! He’s like a modern-day Descartes! When We Were Orphans on the surface is a historical detective novel but between the pages deals heavily with memory, nostalgia and belonging. Ishiguro’s novel jumps around in time. From the ’30sContinue reading “Book Review: Kazuo Ishiguro // When We Were Orphans”

Book Review: Orhan Pamuk // Silent House

My rating: Silent House is the third novel I’ve read by Orhan Pamuk and only now do I feel I can write a review on a literary genius. Snow and My Name is Red were ineffable. I could not find the words to describe truly how beautiful and insightful those novels were. Silent House however falls short of five stars and nowContinue reading “Book Review: Orhan Pamuk // Silent House”

Book Review: Margaret Atwood // Life Before Man

My rating: Yes, I am reviewing another Margaret Atwood but I feel that never-ending praise spools out of me every time I pick up one of her works. And although I have only given Life Before Man three stars it is still an incredibly important and fundamental piece of feminist literature. (However Atwood herself never claims herContinue reading “Book Review: Margaret Atwood // Life Before Man”

Book Review: Francine Toon // Pine

My rating: I was intrigued to see how Francine Toon’s Pine was a ‘gothic thriller’ as the Guardian claimed on the front cover and I still am not sure how! The novel is set in the Highlands and follows a third person narrative switching from following daughter Lauren and father Niall. Their relationship is fractured by Niall’sContinue reading “Book Review: Francine Toon // Pine”

Book Review: Christina Dalcher // Q

My rating: I couldn’t put VOX down so when I saw Christina Dalcher had written Q it was a must-read! Do I think these books are the next classics, no! The writing is a little awkward with too many inspirational-like quotes. However, sometimes you just need a strongly feminist novel that lets you be angry at men for aContinue reading “Book Review: Christina Dalcher // Q”