Book Review: Colson Whitehead // The Underground Railroad

My rating: Reading this book felt like a bunch of disconnected train tracks. I had no idea what was going on and who the characters were. The writing was promising and the content so important but Colson Whitehead failed to make a coherent narrative in The Underground Railroad. The main protagonist is Cora, a young slave…

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Book Review: Anne Brontë // Agnes Grey

My rating: Sometimes I don’t see the point in reviewing classics but a contemporary perspective is always useful. Agnes Grey by Anne Brontë contains very similar themes to her sisters. Nonetheless, her penmanship is enticing and unique. Agnes Grey is the title character and narrator. Her father becomes depressed and she wants to help out financially. She uses…

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Book Review: Margaret Atwood // Two Scorched Men

My rating: Sometimes it’s difficult to give a short story more than three stars. The ideas are not expounded upon as much and it takes days for the full effect of the words to hit you. So for now Two Scorched Men, Margaret Atwood’s latest novella available on Scribd, is a three-star read. When Atwood released this…

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