Book Review: Colson Whitehead // The Underground Railroad

My rating: Reading this book felt like a bunch of disconnected train tracks. I had no idea what was going on and who the characters were. The writing was promising and the content so important but Colson Whitehead failed to make a coherent narrative in The Underground Railroad. The main protagonist is Cora, a young slaveContinue reading “Book Review: Colson Whitehead // The Underground Railroad”

Book Review: Seamus Heaney // The Burial of Thebes

My rating: I have read a plethora of Sophocles Antigone retellings now and I welcome more! Seamus Heaney’s Burial of Thebes, a retelling of the original in verse almost seemed like it could have been the original — and perhaps better! Antigone is an Ancient Tragedy that focuses on young Antigone who wishes to bury her brother despite KingContinue reading “Book Review: Seamus Heaney // The Burial of Thebes”

Book Review: Margaret Atwood // Life Before Man

My rating: Yes, I am reviewing another Margaret Atwood but I feel that never-ending praise spools out of me every time I pick up one of her works. And although I have only given Life Before Man three stars it is still an incredibly important and fundamental piece of feminist literature. (However Atwood herself never claims herContinue reading “Book Review: Margaret Atwood // Life Before Man”

Book Review: Christina Dalcher // Q

My rating: I couldn’t put VOX down so when I saw Christina Dalcher had written Q it was a must-read! Do I think these books are the next classics, no! The writing is a little awkward with too many inspirational-like quotes. However, sometimes you just need a strongly feminist novel that lets you be angry at men for aContinue reading “Book Review: Christina Dalcher // Q”