Song Review: Luke Hemmings // Motion

With the release of ‘Motion’, the second single of Luke Hemming’s debut solo album ‘When Facing the things We Turn Away From’, the story is settling into place.

This is not going to be an album with bops that juxtapose each other but a smooth narrative that follows Hemming’s attempt to find stability.

There is no denying that Hemming’s has been running for most of his career. His debut single ‘Starting Line’ depicts a mental race. By speeding through life, living so many things at once, everything becomes jumbled.

A similar message is presented in ‘Motion’. Hemming’s is selecting these active verbs to show not only how impactful time is upon life but also how he is not making an active decision to try and stabilise time to gain perspective on every passing moment.

Similar to his debut single, Hemmings chooses to have a fast-paced instrumental that makes you feel you are speeding in a car. The sudden halt at the end suggests this period in Hemming’s life is over. He now has control.

There are some beautiful lyrics likewise, although they are quite difficult to decipher when listening ā€” again another addition to life passing by and the ease of missing things.

“These hands are strangers, they ain’t my own” is so simple but highly relatable. Imposter syndrome is more and more common in society now due to hustle culture and the sheer amount of things to do ā€” and that’s for people who are not celebrities. Sometimes you don’t feel like you are living your life, it’s like an out-of-body experience.

I find the first line of the chorus interesting. “All this running in motion” seems kind of contradictory but it makes sense. If you are running, then you are in motion. But I think what Hemming’s is saying is that life is fleeting by but it feels like you are getting nowhere. Sometimes your brain cannot fathom that time is passing because there is so much going on it is trying to process a previous event while the next is happening. The pandemic has been a time where people can step back and realise that we are not designed to be doing so much at once.

“I’m just a makeup of words that I spin” is also wonderfully written. You get a sense of the mutable and finite nature of life. Hemming’s is known through the lyrics he writes and the words he speaks. Every tweet or retweet he makes defines his character. One wrong word can alter people’s perception of him. I don’t know if this is an indirect reference to cancel culture but it depicts how quickly lives can change because of this.

Sometimes standing back and taking time to reflect is more beneficial than quick thinking and acting on the spot.

This is another great song. Not as upbeat as the debut single but still just as impactful. It does put your brain into motion to trying to gauge the lyrics and keep up with the instrumental!


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